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Carrier 19-7/8x21-1/2x1 inch MERV 8 Pleated Filters Case of 12

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Price Each: $149.05

Case of 12 Filters!

Carrier Custom Size 1 inch MERV 8 Pleated Filters 19-7/8 x 21-1/2 x 1

See Important Ordering Notes Below:

Custom filters are made + / - 1/16 inch. These filters may not be returned due to any ordering mistakes.

These filters are made to order - Please allow 1-2 weeks for delivery.

These custom filters are sold in cases of 12. A quantity of 1 in the cart will be for ONE CASE OF 12 FILTERS.

  • Model: CP197821121-12

Fits the following models

FV4ANF003, FV4ANF005, FA4ANF042, FA4ANF048, FA4ANF060, FB4ANF042, FB4ANF048, FB4ANF060, FC4BNF038, FC4BNF042, FC4BNF048, FC4BNF060, FK4DNF003, FK4DNF005, FX4CNF036, FX4CNF042, FX4CNF048, FX4CNB036, FX4CNB042, FX4CNB048, FC4DNF036, FC4DNF042, FC4DNF048, FC4DNB036, FC4DNB042, FC4DNB048, FE4ANF003, FE4ANF005, FE4ANB003, FE4ANB005, FF1ENP036, FF1ENE036, FA4BNF042, FA4BNF048, FA4BNF060, FB4BNF042, FB4BNF048, FB4BNF060, FC4CNF038, FC4CNF042, FC4CNF048, FC4CNF060, FY4ANF036, FY4ANF042, FY4ANF048, FA4CNF036, FA4CNF042, FA4CNF048, FB4CNF042, FB4CNF048, FB4CNF060, FH4BNF003, FH4BNF004, FH4CNF002, FH4CNF003, FV4CNF003, FV4CNB003, FV4CNF005, FV4CNB005, FX4DNF031, FX4DNF037, FX4DNF043, FX4DNB031, FX4DNB037, FX4DNB043, FX4BNF036, FX4BNF042, FX4BNF048, PF4MNA036, PF4MNA037, PF4MNA042, PF4MNA043, PF4MNA048, PF4MNA049, PF4MNB031, PF4MNB037, PF4MNB043, FXM4X3000A, FXM4X3600A, FXM4X4200A, FEM4X3500A, FEM4X3600A, FEM4X4200A, FEM4X4800A, FEM4X6000B, FEM4P4200A, FEM4P4800A, FSM4P3000A, FSM4P3600A, FSM4P4200A, FSU4P3000A, FSU4P3600A, FSU4P4200A, FSM2X3600A, FSM2X4200A, FSM2X4800A, FSU2X3600A, FSU2X4200A, FSU2X4800A, FEM2X3600A, FEM2X4200A, FEM2X4800A, FCM4X3600A, FCM4X4800A, FVM4X3600, FVM4X4800, PF1MNB042, PF1MNB048, PF1MNB060, FA4CNC036, FA4CNC042, FA4CNC048,FB4CNP042,FB4CNP048,FB4CNP060,197821121,19782121,1978,FZ4ANP048,FZ4ANP060

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